Urban Design

Urban design is the art of controlling the use of land and the design of urban environments, be it cities, streets, public spaces or neighborhoods. The secret is to identify the challenges presented by each environment and forge a plan to overcome them. At the same time, we make sure that our urban design projects are sustainable, whether they are in Israel or abroad.

In order to maximize our project's potential, we collaborate with landscape, environmental and transportation consultants and land surveyors, and stay in close contact with land appraisers. These services are all the bread and butter of successful urban design.

Our services include:
Urban planning for cities and neighborhoods
Master plans for specific sites and compounds
Rezoning in order to change land use and/or building rights

Our staff has a tremendous depth of experience in designing plans that allows us to ensure that any urban project that we carry out is both economically and architecturally viable and most importantly- sustainable.

Our Urban Design Studio is constantly filled with a sense of purpose and accomplishment for designing and planning urban environments in Israel, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The studio's employees are enthralled by the opportunity to positively influence the lives, culture, work and leisure of millions.