Studio 5

Studio 5 is run by Omer Wessely, a highly experienced architect and an MYS associate. The studio focuses on planning medical projects.
All of the studio's employees, both architects and practical engineers, are highly experienced in the various medical areas. They took part, whether in MYS or in previous firms, in planning hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Partner Omer Wessely earned his B.Arch degree from Robert Gordon University in Scotland in 2000.
Associate Alon Gozlan joined MYS Architects with his B.Arch in Architecture from the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology.
Haim earned his B.Arch in Architecture in 2006 at Tel Aviv University.
Einat earned her Engineering degree in 1988 from Ort Technicom Givatayim.
Avital earned her degree in 1981 from Ort Technicom Givatayim.
Liat earned her degree in 1996 from Ort Technicom Givatayim.
Shirly earned her degree and her Architecture Teaching Certificate from the Technical College of Be’er Sheeba and her B.A in Business Management from Derby College in Ramat Efal.
Hila earned her B.Arch degree from Ariel University Center of Samaria in 2012.
Dikla earned her Practical Engineer degree from Givataim Ort Technicum in 1990.
Rotem earned his B.Arch degree in architecture from Tel-Aviv University in 2016.
Rotem earned her B.Arch degree in architecture from Tel-Aviv University in 2018.