We approach every project with the intention of producing timeless architecture. For us timeless means sustainable, in beauty and in daily use as well as in its relationship with the environment.

Our architecture is meant to endure, and we do that with contextual sensitivity, out-of-the-box creativity and smart and efficient planning that takes into account the importance of minimizing environmental impact.

Basically, sustainability is part of the professional and social fabric of our firm, so much so that we were among the founders of the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC). In order to maintain our high standards of sustainability we introduce into our projects our LEED certified sustainability experts, specializing in green standardization, from the very first planning stages and all the way to delivery.

We take into account that truly sustainable buildings are part of truly sustainable urban environments. Our strategy is to combine urban design schemes and building design with the latest methods and technologies, in order to maximize user-comfort while lowering operation and maintenance costs. We prove daily that this can be achieved along with reducing consumption footprint and minimizing non-renewable resources.

Finally, we integrate into the design a simulation program that examines the effects of the structure on its surroundings and its ability to cope with the site's climate.