Sustainable Design

As one of the founders of the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC), we at MYS Architects are committed to introducing the foundations and key elements of sustainable design from the outset of every project.

We begin by examining the way the structures blend into their surroundings, so that we can minimize their environmental footprint. We aim to design with maximize shading, natural light, visibility and insulation, aspects critical to energy conservation and quality of life and air inside the structures.
Our sustainable design services include:
Shading and insulation.
Environmental positioning assessment
Efficient design with minimum effects on the surroundings
Maximum usage of natural light, recycled materials and advanced sustainable technologies
Improvement of the building's air quality
Enhancement of visibility from inside the building
Greywater treatment
Green roofs and plants
Water accumulation
Integrating advanced air conditioning, lighting and alternative energy systems that require low energy use
Renewable enegry