Our organizational structure includes several planning (studio) divisions and departments. Every studio or department is managed by one of the partners or senior managers in the office and specializes in a designated field.

Senior Partners

MYS Architects is managed by the CEO Oleg Malukov, together with the Senior Partners: Ami Moore, Yossi Sivan and Kobi Yasky. Ami is responsible for the strategic side of the business as well as the large-scale commercial projects. Yossi leads the design aspect of the office and manages the Design Workshop. Rachel is the design manager and works in close collaboration with the studio managers and the team of architects. Kobi is responsible for urban design and works closely with the urban planning studio.


The partners at MYS Architects first and foremost have the ability to inspire and lead the firm's architects. Alongside the vast experience, talent and professionalism stands the passion of architecture. Team leadership, clearly defining strategies and finding architectural solutions are day-to-day tasks. Every project in the office is placed under the personal supervision of one of the partners who is in contact with the clients on the most essential issues.Brainstorming among the partners takes place on a regular basis, as partners search for architectural design solutions while exploring and sharing new ideas.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is run by Issy Kagan, a highly experienced architect and one of the firm's partners
The studio specializes in commercial projects and office buildings in Israel and Europe.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is run by Sharon Hirsch, a highly experienced architect and MYS associate, who is also responsible for the design area.
Leisure and Residential Studio’s project portfolio includes a large series of high-quality luxury residential, office and hotel towers.

Studio 3

Studio 3 is run by Gabi Gal, a highly experienced architect and an MYS associate. Gabi is assisted by chief designer Dahlia Keinan, responsible for the design area.
The Mixed Use studio specializes in office and residential projects, including high density projects and luxury towers, malls and office buildings. 

Studio 4

Studio 4 at MYS is comprised of highly professional and experienced architects, charged with the task of designing large scale and most complex buildings in Israel and eastern Europe. The studio's wide design experience comprised of diverse building typologies such as multi-use and large scale complexes, commercial, entertainment, office buildings, logistic centers, and senior housing. Managed by partner architect Alon Yitzhaki, LEED AP - one of Israel's leading architects in the field of sustainable design – the studio has gathered rich experience in green building design both domestic and abroad. Buildings designed in the studio have been certified to both LEED and SI 5281. During the past decade, the team gained vast experience in international design coordination, resulting in critically acclaimed and award winning buildings. 

Design Workshop

The Design workshop, led by Yossi Sivan, is spearheading the creative design process in MYS architects. Partners Marco Goldenberg and Shemtov Tzrouya head the design team which merges creative and analytical design approaches in order to explore and create the best solution for the most complex and challenging projects. The workshop is a synergetic and energetic team that tackle projects of every scale and type, working closely with the firm's partners while utilizing processes of research, round table brainstorming, collaboration and open dialogue. The Design Workshop's mission is architectural excellence and design innovation, while adhering to client’s needs and desires. 

Health Care

The Health Care Studio is managed by MYS partner Ralli Gavrieli, a highly experienced architect specializing in planning for the health sector. The studio focuses on planning medical projects.
All of the studio's employees, both architects and practical engineers, are highly experienced in the various medical areas. They took part, whether in MYS or in previous firms, in planning hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. 

Urban Design

The Urban Design Department is headed by MYS associate Renana Samuelov-Jindi, a geographer and urban designer. The department specializes and deals exclusively in urban building plans, both in Israel and abroad. Services range from consulting to evaluations and maximizations of the potential of the land in question, to preparing master plans and urban building plans on various levels until their approval. This work is done with coordination and management of the entire process vis-à-vis the relevant authorities and entities. 

Interior Design

The Interior Design Department, headed by architect Zehavit Liberman Simovitch, offers interior architectural services for select projects planned by MYS and as part of the firm's total design service to its clients. The department specializes in designing commercial centers, public areas in office towers, health facilities, public areas and lobbies in luxury residences. The department also specializes in unique independent interior design projects, such as planning offices for private companies.