Timeless and elegant architecture is a sum greater than its parts – creative and stylish, yet pragmatic and practical; methodological and based on sound values, yet with a clear vision and purpose.

At MYS Architects we believe that in order to meet constant architectural challenges and maximize each site's potential, we have a duty to be responsive to and understanding of our clients' needs and expectations, while simultaneously upholding architectural principles and making sure that we are satisfied with the finished product.

Results are achieved not only with out-of-the-box architectural thinking and design solutions, but also with business acumen and professional abilities that go beyond planning and design.

We owe our success to the staff that makes up MYS Architects. Our architects come from leading schools worldwide. We frequently enter local and international competitions that keep us creatively fresh and on the cutting-edge of our field.

Each assignment is approached by a task-oriented team comprised of professionals that best suit the specific project, whose mindset is that the client's success is its own.

The work begins with a thorough analysis of the project's physical and business surroundings, its business competitors and the resources and targets of the client. At the end of every stage we follow a meticulous quality control process and assess our steps.

The two goals we set for every project are intertwined – achieving the clients' business targets and creating architecture that endures the trials of time.