MYS’s Management Team is the main reason for the company’s smooth functioning. The team’s principle aim is to allow each person to focus on architectural design without interference, while the logistics and administration are taken care of. They also offer each and every client, guest and consultant VIP care. 

Building Permits

The Building Permits Department is run by architect Arik Joseph, an MYS associate with long years of experience in the planning and construction field. The licensing activities provide services to projects managed by the firm. The process of obtaining a construction permit is long and complex and requires extensive knowledge, both in the Planning and Construction Laws, and in relevant procedures and practices in the various authorities. The department boasts extensive knowledge and experience in licensing large-scale and complex projects. It also accompanies the entrepreneur and project from the decision-making stage through planning to finally obtaining the permit.


An in-house I.T team is the main reason for the ongoing, proper operation of the office computers. The team's main objective is to allow each of the employees to focus without disturbances in architectural design, while they handle all the logistical and computing matters.


Our offices are located in buildings designed with leading tools of the global technological front, among other things, using BIM – Building Information Modeling features. Design using BIM guarantees higher design quality, control, and increased supervision over the entrepreneur and project leaders, preventing design and actual execution mistakes.
In our team, we have a special team that is in charge of assimilating and standardization of advanced BIM procedures, employees training and quality control.


Our office is committed to sustainable design principles, and it is one of the founders of the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC). All persons from the office's senior staff are qualified to provide support to green building processes according to the Israeli Green Building Standard (5281) and part of a Green Building team that is LEED AP certified.