MYS Architects is constantly growing and is regularly recruiting talented staff.

Our organization is a family that is built on quality and professionalism on the one hand and on excellent working conditions and sense of enjoyment and fulfillment on the other. We are proud that our accomplished staff is our main asset which has made us the number one firm in Israel.

We at MYS appreciate out-of-the-box thinking, hard work and an unorthodox sense of humor. In order to stay creatively fresh, we use the latest software technology and perform annual training sessions that expose employees to the latest tools and architectural approaches.
Work at MYS Architects is demanding and often performed under tight deadlines. For that reason we are always looking for hard-working and focused employees. We always make sure they feel valued and appreciated and enjoy themselves, because we want them to stay with us for the long haul.

If you feel you are up to the challenge, have the requisite experience and credentials and possess a certain
something that makes you unique – we will be happy to receive your CV.