Health Care

The unique architectural challenges that medical facilities pose are regularly met and overcome by MYS Architects' experienced and highly trained team of architects and designers.

We start every project with a task oriented team and a master plan, and then go through the planning of the overall project, from the larger perspective to its tiniest and most specific details. Our goal is to make medical projects accessible, pleasant and of course – sustainable.

Our health care services include:
Master plans for hospitals
Design of health care-related buildings, such as hospitals, clinics, operating rooms and imaging institutes
Planning professional clinics that include treatment rooms and other complex functions
Fire protection and accessibility for health care buildings
Sustainable design that is an inherent part of the overall planning and design
Superposition for architecture and infrastructure

Our collaboration with specialists and advisors allows us to maximize structures and their surroundings and to achieve superior results.

Due to the nature of health care facilities, we at MYS put a strong emphasis on safety and make sure that the buildings we design are sustainable in every aspect, and that they are hospitable, pleasant and environmentally friendly to patients and visitors in their time of need.