Computer Science Building Bar Ilan University


Location Ramat Gan, Israel
Status Completed in 2023
Size 6,400 sq.m
Client Bar-Ilan University


The Computer Science Building is located in the heart of the established Bar Ilan University Campus, constituting a significant anchor in the ‘white axis’ that is the main artery on campus.

The building was designed by a program prepared by the Department of Computer Sciences and its uniqueness lies in the fact that the ground floor of the building will function as a meeting place for all students on campus, including public functions such as a large study center, cafeteria, auditoriums for conferences and a small outdoor amphitheater for events.

The design concept is derived from the binary code, with the core of the project being an important internal uncovered yard that features various functions that facilitate both horizontal and vertical social and academic interaction between the various departments.

The internal yard also allows light to penetrate rooms and special hallways along the conference rooms and areas of interaction between researchers and students, allowing interesting external and internal relationships.

The binary code is applied by removing and building cubic volumes at random, and is adapted to the program requirements, particularly in the inner space of the yard, and by use of ceramic prints and perforated aluminum panels that graphically express the arena of the binary code.

The building includes a lower level for support functions, an entrance floor and 3 floors, the top floor being a unique robotics lab.

The building is designed as a green building in compliance with Israeli Building Standard 5281.

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