Caesarea Industrial Park Competition


Location Caesarea, Israel
Status Concept Design
Size 340,000 sq.m
Client The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Corporation


Adjacent to Caesarea train station and north of the existing southern industrial park, this luxurious employment park with direct accessibility to the train, will offer a variety of activities while forming a unique architectural language observing the development of an extremely attractive area.

The park, which will stands to include a business hotel a convention hall and a cardo, will also strengthen the transportation flows allowing for more flexibility and balance of park users from the train station, bicycle riders, pedestrians and cars.

By constructing a sequence of commercial axes, sports and green avenues as well as incorporating the water motif which characterizes the project and its core, this uniquely designed park will no doubt stand out as a luxurious, functional green industrial park.  

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