Wolfson Hospital Children's Building Holon


Location Holon, Israel
Status Completed in 2021
Size 7,166 sq.m
Client Ministry of Health & "Save a Child's Heart" Association


Adjacent to the existing Wolfson Hospital Children's ER unit, this building encompasses 3 operating theatres, Child Intensive Care unit, Cardiology Institute and 2 hospitalization units. This addition will enable the expansion of the diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic activities of children's heart disease.  

A new innovative design theme, making use of technologies and materials such as CNC computerized perforated aluminum panels, ceramic shaded colored glass windows and additional natural elements, such as natural light come together to form a soothing, personalized and inviting environment for the children. In addition the mass of the building has been broken down to several smaller volumes to be compatible with a child's spatial perception.

By matching the nature of the wing to the needs of the children, the new Children's Cardiac Center will exude optimism, tranquility and intimacy, so needed for their recuperation.

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