Urban Design

The Urban Design Department is headed by MYS associate Renana Samuelov-Jindi, a geographer and urban designer. The department specializes and deals exclusively in urban building plans, both in Israel and abroad. Services range from consulting to evaluations and maximizations of the potential of the land in question, to preparing master plans and urban building plans on various levels until their approval. This work is done with coordination and management of the entire process vis-à-vis the relevant authorities and entities.

Partner Renana Samuelov Jindi heads the MYS Architects Urban Planning Studio. She earned her B.Sc in Geography and Middle Eastern Studies and an M.A with Honors in Geography and Urban Studies.
Avner earned his degree in architecture in 1987 from the Technion Institute of Technology.
Olga earned her B.Arch in Architecture from Tel Aviv University in 2009.
Eshcar earned her B.Arch in Architecture in 2015 from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
Vadim earned his M.Arch in Architecture in 1986 from the Moscow Academy of Architecture in Russia.
Ronit earned her B.Arch in Architecture in 1988 from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
Youseph earned his B.Arch degree in Architecture in 2019 from WIZO Haifa.
Mais earned her B.Arch degree from from Bezalel in 2017.
Arthur graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of Bezalel in 2011
Yair earned his B.Arch in Architecture from the Technion in 2009.
Nitzan completed her master's degree in urban and regional planning and design at Tel Aviv University in 2022.