Who we are

MYS Architects is Israel's leading architectural firm. It was established in 2006 with the merger of two renowned firms both founded in the 1950's: one owned by Prof. Avraham Yasky and Joseph Sivan, the other by the late Yitzhak Moore. We design the most iconic projects in Israel, many of which have become synonymous with excellence and innovation. We have the honor to have played a role in influencing the Tel Aviv skyline.

We bring to every project an unprecedented accumulation of experience held by our excellent staff of over 130 talented professionals, who among them speak more than 10 languages. Our portfolio includes a long list of award-winning projects, master plans and designs in the commercial, residential, health care, hospitality and public sectors, spread throughout Israel and 32 countries worldwide. We work across the globe and collaborate with our European office in Serbia and with other local partners in order to expedite matters of licensing, standards, regulations, tenders and supervision, and to keep track of local trends as they unfold.

MYS Architects' creative backbone is comprised of five independent studios, each with his or her own unique talents. The newest studio was formed in 2012 by the merger with Gavrielli Architects, a practice that specializes in the health care field. These studios are supported by our sustainable design team, interior designers and licensing experts who work across company.

Our client-oriented approach allows us to deliver even the most tightly-scheduled projects on-time and on-budget. Quality control assurance is guaranteed by close project monitoring presided over by an assigned manager and a senior partner. For this reason most of our projects are with returning clients who were very satisfied with the results and with our services.