West Hotel


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Completed in 2011
Size 35,000 sq.m
Client Ashtrom and Stucco


Set on a prestigious real estate location, rising over one of Israel’s beautiful beaches on the north side of Tel Aviv, West Hotel is a unique exclusive suite hotel.

The 380-unit hotel is composed of two 13-storey towers and one three storey low-rise which come together in a large foyer, visually connecting the beach and the street, and is mainly clad by sandstone to resemble the surrounding terrain. The elevations facing the city continue the architectural language of Tel Aviv – modern, straight white lines with emphasis on light and shade. The curved west elevations reflect and connect to the motion of the waves in the sea.

The hotel has become an elegant addition and continuation of the green belt following the sea north from the city of Tel Aviv.

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