Smolarz Auditorium


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Completed in 2003
Size 5,000 sq.m
Client Tel Aviv University


Located on the southern section of Tel Aviv University campus, Smolarz Auditorium takes the role of the official event hosting of the campus. Its layout appears to blend the two different urban grids that regulate the campus.  The fusion between the two main volumes of the building (foyer and auditorium) creates dramatic views from the access road and the campus.  The 1,200 seats main auditorium was designed for cultural events, lectures and conventions taking place all year round. This volume is expressed as an enclosed space "protected" by two hands (represented by the metal clad curved walls).

The glass foyer “box” is completely exposed to the entry plaza.

The materials used for the exterior are "cold“: naval aluminum for the opaque auditorium and glass for the transparent foyer as opposed to the "warm" wood used for the interiors.

The aluminum elements covering the exterior of the auditorium are triangular elements rendering double curved walls. The glass panels of the foyer hang on elliptical section columns calculated to sustain horizontal wind forces.

The double curved aluminum clad walls contradict the transparent and intensify the tectonic dialogue between the two components of the building. The exposure of the human activity is enhanced especially at night, as the illuminated foyer acts as an urban beacon. 

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