Rishon LeZion Arena


Location Rishon LeZion, Israel
Status Concept Design
Size 15,000 sq.m
Client Israeli Rishon LeZion Municipality and the Rishon LeZion Economic Corporation


Adjacent to major highways, this iconic multi-purpose sports arena is planned to be home for a wide variety of sporting events as well as music concerts and exhibitions, all for the enjoyment of local residents.

Connected by a roofed bridge to the already existing Macabbi sports center, which will later become a training hall, the 5,000 seat arena (some are removable), conforming to severe international safety standards and regulations, is planned to stand out as the city's  premier sporting complex.

The challenge of designing and constructing an amorphous shaped arena with a unique complex roof, while matching it with the interior array of the building, sprung creative solutions which take into account unique materials and lighting fixtures required for enhancing its functionality and beauty, especially at night.

The project was designed in collaboration with KSS Sports and Leisure Design Limited.

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