Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Status Concept Design
Size 50,000 sq.m
Client Mivne Ta'asiya GmbH & Co. KG


Located at the tip of a triangle of towers, Mercedesstrasse will serve as a symbolic gate which will define the northern entrance to the city of Düsseldorf.

It is a complex made up of retail, hotels and office spaces, with two extensions towards another two towers (one existing and one in planning) engaging in a dynamic dialogue. The tower is comprised of two parts with a void between them which serves as an atrium that maximizes daylight exposure and optimizes spectacular views. Sustainability concepts are integrated into the design of the building.

The result is a slender silhouette with a refined and elegant appearance that will become an architectural icon on Düsseldorf's skyline. This project was an invitation-only design competition in 2008.

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