Kikar Hamedina


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Under Construction
Size 200,000 sq.m
Client Tel Aviv Kikar Hamedina's lots owners Ltd. committee


Kikar Hamedina is located in a high-end area of Tel Aviv that is surrounded by luxury retail stores.

The project offers a new design for the unique, large circular square comprising peripheral boulevard surrounding three 40 storey residential towers and a public landscaped park with a lake in the center.

The design of the towers is inspired by the buildings around the square and the circular shape of Kikar Hamedina. Like the existing buildings, each residential floor is planned in a way that sets back from the floor beneath and rotates in a circular movement.

The facades of the towers are a modern interpretation of the current building fronts, characterized by a repetitive system of floor slabs and white curtain walls.

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