Jerusalem Nature and Science Museum


Location Jerusalem, Israel
Status Concept Design
Size 20,000 sq.m
Client Jerusalem Municipality


Designed to be built in the heart of the city of Jerusalem, the Nature and Science Museum would stand on the Museum Boulevard – amid a series of museums planned by the municipality.

The museum’s unique morphology draws inspiration from the world of geology. Like landscape that is shaped by geological forces, the building's shape will take its form as a result of reactions between the buildings "inner forces" (i.e. the brief requirements and circulation demands) and the "outer urban forces" (i.e. topography, natural settings, and built environment context). The resulting geometry forms a continuous space for exhibitions inside, while the outside creates a number of new public places and passages for visitors and passers-by alike.

The building’s singular design makes a clear statement of dynamic form and function while at the same time integrates the building seamlessly into the landscape and urban setting.

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