Pisgat Dan


Location Ramat Gan, Israel
Status Completed in 2020
Size 31,000 sq.m
Client Amad Development Real Estate and Investments Inc.


This project is located on Ramat Gan’s main traffic artery and is an important step in strengthening its urban regeneration.

Jabotinsky 105 connects Jabotinsky Street with HaMa'apil Street, which is seven meters lower. The MYS Architects design team used the height difference to the project's benefit by planning a garden which provides a shaded passage for pedestrians. The planned synagogue and coffee shop will face this garden that will eventually be connected to a series of other much-needed gardens that lead to Ramat Gan's National Park.

The tower, 37 storeys high, consists of 175 various-sized apartments and faces the serene National Park. Alongside the tower, a low-rise building of 40 smaller apartments over a commercial center faces the streets of Ramat Gan.

These varied buildings will help draw different types of population, enhancing the urban feeling in its center, and will be a welcome addition to the city.

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