City Gate Herzliya


Location Herzliya, Israel
Status Completed in 2013
Size 14,400 sq.m
Client Herzliya Municipality


Consisting of residential, business and public zones, this large scale project is part of a major overhaul to the city center, also known as The Gate to the City.

The eco-friendly City Hall project is expected to regenerate the surrounding area and will create a series of developing urban spaces, each with its own shape and defining characteristics, forming together a new architectural order. The nine-storey building will showcase a very tall atrium that serves as the natural extension to the open public plaza with glass elevators. Attached will be two office and commerce buildings five stories high, each surrounding a large public park.

The building's setbacks to the west side of the plaza and distance from the main street enable a ceremonial approach to the City Hall and emphasize its importance.

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