Hazahav Mall


Location Rishon leZion, Israel
Status Completed in 2012
Size 55,000 sq.m
Client Gindi Luxury Apartments


Based on a functional planning which integrates updated materials such as white transparent glass and stainless steel, the design of the newly renovated section is congruent with its architectural concept.

Bright colored flooring and ceiling, dramatic dark furniture combing wood, concrete, glass and stainless steel and the uniquely 'sail' shaped sky light, all were used to enhance the beauty of the impressively modern section. Soft shades finishing, maximal natural lighting and energy conserving fixtures render a feeling of brightness, cleanliness, spaciousness and a dynamic look.

A special magnificent area on the third floor, especially designed as a game and service area, will no doubt complete this experience as an attraction to children and families alike.

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