Electra Tower


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Completed in 2011
Size 67,000 sq.m
Client Electra Construction and AMPA Real Estate


The iconic Elco Tower, voted best office tower in the city in 2011 and winner of the  design award in 2012, stands majestically on Tel Aviv's main traffic artery with an amazing exposure to all points in the city.

The 46-storey tower's timeless design uses a dialogue between its construction elements and its skin, and the decomposition of its mass into four distinct volumes.

The slenderness factor adds to the tower's elegant appearance as does its architectural syntax clarity. As one of the pioneers of sustainable architecture, Elco Tower has energy conserving double glazing, water recycling, green spaces and a unique eco-pool.

Elco Tower is one of the cornerstones of a trendy and developing area in Tel Aviv that mixes commercial, cultural and residential zones in a "Live and work" concept which promises lively urban activity throughout the day.

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