Bengbu Industrial Park


Location Bengbu, China
Status Under Construction
Size 193,000 sq.m
Client Bengbu Tongling Industrial Park


Located in a fast expanding 3 million city that was once an agricultural village, this project includes a luxury resort and a business complex.

In order to accommodate pedestrians, an existing 1km boulevard was widened and designed as a linear dynamic park that connects the two parts of the project. Along this boulevard will be built residential projects, tailored to Chinese families' needs and ways of life. The business complex and resort were given their own distinctly different architectural identity, with the resort design reminiscent of traditional Chinese architecture, and the business complex having a modern look with round and flowing lines.

This international competition was organized by the Chinese government in order to find a concept for a new district in Bengbu, and the MYS Architects' design was chosen for  incorporate local aesthetics and culture into a modern iconic gateway to the city.

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