Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital Raanana


Location Raanana, Israel
Status Completed in 2015
Size 10,000 sq.m
Client Clalit Health Services


Erected on the ground floor of the existing hospital building, this new addition is reflective of the highest of standards in design, materials and functionality, bearing in mind the convenience and needs of patients and their visitors alike.

A variety of contemporary materials, special carpentry, natural colors and elegant design have all created a modern rendition and interpretation of the existing section. Epoxy terrazzo floors, wooden acoustic panels embedded in the ceiling, hanging circular lighting fixtures hanging, glass wall covering and glass banister, all add to the feeling of warmth, softness and modernity.

Beit Levinstein's new hotel facility has created a new design language that exudes tranquility and constitutes a major, modern upgrade to the existing facility.

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