Alrov Tower


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Completed in 1998
Size 25,000 sq.m
Client Alrov Inc.


Pioneering a new era in the construction of commercial zones in Tel Aviv, Alrov Tower is part of the city's urban regeneration.

This 22 storey exclusive tower is at the heart of Tel Aviv’s historic center and prestigious Rothschild Blvd., and is surrounded by old stone buildings 3 to 4 storeys high.  It was built highlighting architectural tension between old and new, steel and stone and uses basic geometrical forms, such as cube and cylinder, as the key elements in its appearance. Its tall entrance floor that strengthens its connection to pedestrians has since become a staple for towers erected in Tel Aviv.

As part of the construction of the tower, the Russian Embassy was restored to its original glory and is now home to Sotheby's Israel.

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