Abarbanel Center Adolescent Departments Bat Yam


Location Bat Yam, Israel
Status Completed in 2023
Size 5,354.76 sq.m
Client Israeli Ministry of Health


The Abarbanel Hospital is located on the site of an old military camp, built at 1930. The adolescent and autistic department buildings will replace the antiquated buildings in order to provide the patients with much needed modern private and communal spaces, conducive to recovery.

Each department is located in a separate building. The 2-storey adolescent department building is connected to a special needs school on campus. The 1-storey autistic department building is attached to a 4-storey hostel that will prepare them for community life in a hostel outside the hospital. The department building's roof is the hostel's open yard. The open spaces include therapeutic gardens that allow for different activities and experiences.

By planning a combination of different well designed public and private spaces, together with a variety of open gardens, we have created the healing environment needed to enhance the recovery of the patients.

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