AFI Tower


Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Status Completed in 2012
Size 36,000 sq.m
Client Africa Israel


AFI tower is an office building located on the southern end of Tel Aviv’s most prestigious location – Rothschild Blvd., at the heart of Tel Aviv’s historic center. The tower main tains a dialogue with the surrounding urban fabric and connects the adjacent streets and their pedestrians through a series of passages and a new piazza.

The building towers over the new piazza, which features the renovated fountain and sculpture originally designed by Israeli artist Nahum Guttman. 

The design contains two different geometri bodies: one is rectangular and consists of granite-clad precast units with windows in every office, while the other is round, clad with an aluminum and glass curtain wall. The interaction between the two provides the project with its distinguished appearance, while the physical gap between them is used to provide natural light to the large foyer and to allow views of the city to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. 

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