AFI Palace


Location Bucharest, Romania
Status Completed in 2012
Size 20,000 sq.m
Client AFI Europe investments


Comprised of three malls: the "Fashion Mall", the Family Mall" and the "Central Mall", the Cotroceni Mall brings all 3 sections together by connecting them to a single boulevard.

A myriad of light shaded natural materials and warm shades of brown and yellow colors, where used for the flooring in all three malls to create a dynamically flowing sensation. In both Fashion Mall and Central Mall light shaded natural marble with horizontal divisions was employed, while the covering of the columns in the Family mall is a mixture of reddish- brown brick, transmitting a feeling of warmth and familial togetherness. The 20 meter high impressively lit main entry is located at the junction of the Fashion Mall and Central mall, its round sky light dome made of aluminum fixtures enables the penetration of natural light into the mall. The escalators on the other hand which are covered with translucent glass exposing the steel construction renders it an industrial look which is clean, dramatic elegant, dynamic and flowing.

Cotroceni Mall, due to its strong shape and vibrant colors and materials, is the epitome of good taste, elegant design and inviting ambience. 

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