Studio 4

Studio 4 at MYS is comprised of highly professional and experienced architects, charged with the task of designing large scale and most complex buildings in Israel and eastern Europe. The studio's wide design experience comprised of diverse building typologies such as multi-use and large scale complexes, commercial, entertainment, office buildings, logistic centers, and senior housing. Managed by partner architect Alon Yitzhaki, LEED AP - one of Israel's leading architects in the field of sustainable design – the studio has gathered rich experience in green building design both domestic and abroad. Buildings designed in the studio have been certified to both LEED and SI 5281. During the past decade, the team gained vast experience in international design coordination, resulting in critically acclaimed and award winning buildings.

Partner Alon Yitzhaki earned his B.Arch in Architecture from Pratt Institute School of Architecture in New York.
Golan has extensive experience in architecture, in management of several projects during the planning stage and as project manager in a project management company.
Team Leader Anat earned her B.Arch in Architecture in 2006 at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
Team Leader Idit earned her B.Arch in Architecture from the Technion in 1994.
Marina was born and raised in Latvia and earned her B.Arch in Architecture in 1983 from the University of Architecture in Ekatirinburg, Russia.
Djavanshir was born and raised in the former Soviet Union and earned his B.A and M.A in Architecture in 1982 from the Civil Engineering Institute. He later immigrated to Israel in 1991.
Hony earned his degree in 2006 at the Tel Hai College in northern Israel.
Assaf earned his Practical Engineer degree from IAF Technological College in Be'er Sheva, in 2006.
Alex earned his Practical Engineering degree in Architecture from Ort Bialik in 2002. Currently he is in his 4ht year of architecture studies at the Technion.
Daya earned her B.Arch degree from the Haifa Technion in 2010.
Salit earned her degree in practical engineering from Ariel University Center of Samaria in 2008.
Shay earned her B.Arch degree from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa University in 2015.
Hayki earned her degree in interior design in 2016 form Tel Aviv Kavim College.
Shir earned her B.Arch degree from Ariel University Center of Samaria in 2014.
Vitaly earned his B.Arch and M.A in Architecture at the Ukraine Leading Academy of Architecture in 2009.
Silvija earned her B.Arch degree in architecture from the university of Architevture faculty of Zagreb in 2012.
Leonid earned her B.Arch in Architecture from the Moscow Architecture University MArchI in 1984.