Bet Lessin



tel aviv, israel


Concept Design


30,000 sq.m


Gindi Friedman Group


Situated next to Kikar Hamedina Park, the complex consists of the existing commercially designated Beit Lessin & a new 31 story luxury residential tower.
While restoring Beit Lessin 1960's modernist aesthetics, the tower nods to its sensibilities & reinvents its own.

In terms of massing, the new volume can be seen as a quartet ensemble of the existing horizontal Beit Lessin mass, turned on its side & lifted upward for pedestrian circulation and greenery.
In terms of skin & materiality, the airy & ghostlike appearance of the new form contrasts the solid & grounded existing condition.

With its didactic reinterpretation of midcentury modernism, the resulting compound aspires to create a new telavivian architectural identity.

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