Discount Tower



Tel Aviv, Israel


Completed in 2006


51,000 sq.m


Discount Bank


Located in the heart of Tel Aviv's historic city, which has now become the city's renewed business center, Discount Tower is the home of the bank's senior management.

Discount Tower is 31 storeys high, with a three-storey lobby including a restaurant and café facing a restored plaza. Attached to the tower is the management's previous building, which has been renovated so that the two buildings seem like a homogeneous unit. An architectural dialogue exists between the building and the adjacent Shalom Tower, while putting emphasis on the horizontal component of the design. The wings rise over the street, creating a curved and elegant silhouette in a converging perspective.

The result is a white, aluminum-clad tower that fits perfectly within the White City's style and provides a fitting new home for Discount Bank’s management.

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